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Violins and Violas of the highest quality from some of the finest artisans of Ukraine

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Some violins,  violas and guitars made by Vladislav Baginsky * Photos and sounds)

The Violin Workshop of Vladislav Baginsky

Diplomas and prizes

 V. Baginsky's Violin making school 
 Wood and its Properties

Wood for Violins and Violas

Tools, Knifes, old Blades for plane with seals, Sound post Tweezers (set) for

violin and viola
Book (in Russian) by V. Baginsky: Practice of a violin maker. Sertificates.
Construction techniques using a gold section (V. Baginsky's method) 
 Research concerning Stradivari's violin in Ukraine
 11 International Tchaikovsky competition and 3 International Violin - Making competition:Results
Many years ago...
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